ZIBO Seed drills Type XL



ZIBO drill machines can easily be built onto any type of tillage machinery (packer, cultivator, disc harrows, sub soilers, hoeing machine, etc.). Precision drilling using slide-wheel system with sprung discharge valve. The seed drill is suitable for applications from 5 kg/ha, settable via a handle (large setting) and a S.steel knob (fine setting).

ZIBO L & XL drilling machines feature as standard:

  • Agitator shaft
  • Supply hopper with welded triangles for slopes and even distribution ;
  • Hose with special distributors (no wind influence)
  • Slide wheel system with sprung discharge valve (protection against hard objects, i.e stones)
  • Robust lid with gas springs
  • L-version features as standard built-on consoles with double ring.
  • XL- version features as standard 3-point hitch.
XL 3000/25500 L.25


ZZ300017Metering wheel compl. with 2 cassettes and mounting, supplied separately
ZZ70019Driven by hydraulic motor complete set of construction
ZZ300047Driving cassette, separate, each 17/30
LI020101Hydr. lifting installation
ZZ300121Extra large metering wheel ø 1000 mm. with arm (without cassettes)
ZZ300217Set seed hoe tines with para system
ZZ300116Adapter component XL version
ZZ300014ZIBO deflector plate for Ø 32 mm hose, galvanized, supplied separately
LS32Hose Ø 32 mm. per metre

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