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12 Volt universal centrifugal spreader for fertilizer pellets, stubble crops (green slurry), grass seeds etc.

  • Continuously adjustable spreading width of 2 – 24 metres
  • Robust 12V/180 watt electromotor
  • Operating using with console from the driving seat
  • Digital control engineering (computer)
  • Electr. spare parts waterproof
  • Power cables diam. 2.5 mm
  • 6 metre cable between spreader and operating panel
  • Connection cable for battery delivered as standard
  • Automatic start with blocked pellets etc
  • Continuously adjustable spreading application rate
  • Continuously adjustable dosing disc
  • Stainless steel disc and spreader board
  • Robust steel frame with attachment holes
  • Special mixer for grass seed
  • Clear storage tank 105 litres with discharge opening
  • Quick closing lid
  • Easy to mount (dimensions 560x485x920 mm) (25kg)

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