ZIBO Fall Breaker mats prevent loss of quality

Naturally you want your potatoes, onions, chicory, root crops etc. to be treated with care at harvesting time. Drop damage must be avoided. In addition to ZIBO, Stopshock (bunker) fall breakers and rubber strips, Zinger Mechanisatie now also supplies ZIBO Fall Breaker mats. When fitted to the dumper or trailer baseplate these mats prevent bruising and other damage.

With a ZIBO Fall Breaker mat the soil will not remain stuck to the floor of the body. The ZIBO Fall Breaker mat is reinforced with a high-quality canvas top layer (900gr/m²) and has an inner layer of 26-mm thick foam so that bruising is prevented.

The mat is attached to the front of the dumper with the use of a steel strip (included with the supplied mat), which is pushed into a reinforced hem. Fall breaker mats of 4 m or more can be extended with 500-mm canvas that can be cut to fit the length of the body. If you intend to cover the entire floor of the body with a ZIBO Fall Breaker mat and the floor length exceeds 4 m, you need to buy a mat that is 500 mm shorter than the length of the body floor.

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