Maize hoe bar + ZIBO Pneumatic (grass) seeder

Crops need nitrogen and phosphate. These substances end up in soil and water if they are not or insufficiently absorbed by the crop. Maize growers should sow a catch crop when maize is cultivated on sand or loess soil. This prevents excessive nitrogen leaching in autumn and winter.

By under-sowing grass in maize with a length of 40 to 50 centimetres, the soil life is stimulated and minerals are retained earlier and better. In addition, there will already be a catch crop present after the maize harvest, so no tillage will need to be carried out. Zinger Mechanisatie combines in one machine a ZIBO Hoe bar with a ZIBO pneumatic seed drill to meet the catch crop requirement of one pass.

Zinger Mechanisatie has built this combi-machine specifically for this application, where the structure and the weight of the frame is fitting for its use in maize cultivation, so that little power is required and therefore a light tractor can be used. The pneumatic seed drill ensures an even release, in which the grass is sown evenly between the maize rows via a deflector plate and vibrating or brake tines behind the hoes. The ZIBO Hoe and Seed Drill combination is available as an 8- and a 6-row version.

Benefits ZIBO Maize Hoe and Seed dril combination:

  • Better use of minerals
  • Better soil life
  • Minimum soil pollution
  • Weed control
  • Saving on time and mechanisation costs

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