Gandy spreader for granular




Ten behoeve voor granulaten, fijne zaden, graszaden en korrelvormige stoffen

Gandy spreaders are available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 outlet pipes and are used for many applications.
The drive can be mechanical or electrical (12 V).
The standard electrical motor can be used to drive 2 units, if necessary. Alternatively the units can be driven mechanically from a machine.
The Gandy is user-friendly and simple to assemble.

Choose your Gandy spreader in three simple steps:

  1. Number of outlet pipes per unit?
  2. Do you want it powered by an electrical or a mechanical motor?
  3. Hopper content, 30 or 68 litres?
CodeDischargeDriveHopper cont.
P451R1 rowMechanical30 Litres
P451WP121 rowElektric (12 V/ 3,5A)30 Litres
P452R2 rowMechanical30 Litres
PC02R2 rowMechanical68 Litres
P452WP122 rowElektric (12 V/ 3,5A)30 Litres
PC02RWP122 rowElektric (12 V/ 3,5A)68 Litres
P453R3 rowMechanical30 Litres
PC03R3 rowMechanical68 Litres
P453WP123 rowElektric (12 V/ 3,5A)30 Litres
PC03RWP123 rowElektric (12 V/ 3,5A)68 Litres
P454R4 rowMechanical30 Litres
PC04R4 rowMechanical68 Litres
P454WP124 rowElektric (12 V/ 3,5A)30 Litres
PC04RWP124 rowElektric (12 V/ 3,5A)68 Litres


GS0131V-distributor left/right, curved, with 2 m (transparent) hose
GS0132V-distributor right, curved, with 2 m (transparent) hose
GS0146Point distributor right, with 2 m (transparent) hose
TSTS hose, transparent, per m
DE001754Gandy / ZIBO switch box, cpl with lift sensor

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