Lehner Polaro salt sand spreader

Thanks to rapid construction and flexible application gives Lehner Polaro spreader no chance smoothness.
Snow, hail, rain opvriezende, the first winter perils been made for quite some inconveniences. Because slipperiness often occurs suddenly, is flexible use of spreaders of great importance. The Lehner Polaro quickly build up in various means of transport, and thus easily usable. Thanks to the continuous adjustment of the spreading width of the Lehner Polaro feel at home anywhere, from roads, village roads and parking spaces to bike paths and sidewalks.

The Lehner Polaro is a further development of the Lehner Super Vario spreader for arable farming. This is already sold more than five years by Zinger Mechanisatie successfully in the Netherlands.
The spreaders, and therefore also the Lehner Polaro, is particularly popular because of its easy installation on any means of transport. Because the spreader can be mounted on cars and trucks, but also ATVs, mini tractors, forklifts, wheel loaders and other 12-volt-powered cars. As a result, special spreader vehicles are not necessary.”

Effortlessly switch

The vehicle driver can – while driving – continuously controlling the speed of the spreading disc. He can switch effortlessly from a width of 0.8 m, for example, a footpath, up to 6 m, for spreading a bus stop or parking. The spread rate can be continuously dosing the driver. All switching functions can operate the driver from the cab or driver’s seat.

Wettest Reds

The Lehner Polaro be used for spreading salt, even if that should be done wet. The LEHNER-rudder system namely continues to function smoothly with great resistance. “This is particularly in view of the increasingly applied preventively wettest grub an important factor.
The motor may not be overloaded. Stubborn, wet grit or grit with sharp edges should be kept as fluid, and thus continuously-flowing. With maximum results. “Incidentally, the Lehner Polaro also scatters grit as crushed stone and sand.

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