Attachment ridge former behind planting machine


Attachment ridge former behind planting machine



One-pass potato planting and ridging

Optimal water management in potato ridge base for good yield

The availability of labor and limitation of soil pollution are annually recurring points of attention on the arable farm. By combining activities, the number of work passes is limited. With the ZIBO Attachment Ridge Former, which is mounted directly behind the potato planting machine, the potato grower saves a lot of time, puts less strain on the soil and, above all, creates a voluminous ridge in which potatoes can grow to their heart’s content.

The existing ZIBO back shapers are distinguished by large, sturdy backs for better moisture management in the back. The strong structure at the bottom of the spine in particular determines the extent to which the potato plant can retain water.
Potato ridges made with ZIBO Ridge formers remain better intact; even with a lot of precipitation, which virtually excludes green colored potatoes. By mounting a ZIBO Ridge Former directly behind the planter, the potato grower benefits from these advantages, while also saving a working pass.

ZIBO Attachment Ridge Formers are available for 4- and 8-row potato planting machines and can be mounted modularly behind various potato planting machines.

Advantages of ZIBO add-on ridge formers:

  • saving labor
  • soil load limitation
  • voluminous ridge for unlimited potato growth
  • good water management
  • saving on time and mechanization costs
  • Compatible with various potato planting machines


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