Lehner super vario spreader



12 Volt Universeelcentrifugaalstrooier for fertilizer granules, stoppelgewassen (green manure), grass seeds, etc.
The additional development since the invention of the drill!

The working width is continuously adjustable between 2.0 and 24 meters. This variable spreading width is made possible by the infinitely variable between 200 and 3000 rpm. Therefore, it is possible to set in different specific weights of the spreading material on a given working width. For the practical purposes, this is an important aspect. The spreading width is of course dependent on the specific weight of the spreading material. With slug pellets is achieved a working width up to 24 meters, with crops to 17 meters and grass up to 6 m. The spreader plate vanes can through. slotted holes are verzet.Daarmee the spread pattern can be adjusted on the specific weight of the spreading material as the eenschijfsstrooier otherwise does not guarantee a uniform lateral distribution. The quantity is using. set a variable metering. The main setting charts can be found in the operating manual. When spread over the land of crops, we recommend to mount the spreader directly on the soil cultivating machine. The installation must occur that the seed behind the device in the roll or fall into the newly cultivated soil.

Sowing of crops (tillage)

For the arable increasingly valuable, often prescribed mandatory in water protection areas, included in many incentive programs.
During tillage may crops such as white mustard, phacelia, fodder radish, or the like gestrooid.Bij mineral soils straw behind the soil cultivating machine. For pure sandy soils soak possibly flat.

Mounting on cultivator, disc harrow, messeneg, harrow, digging machine and the like.

When using the plow, we recommend confirmation to the front so that you sow right on the plowed land during plowing.

  • Infinitely variable spreading width of 2-24 meters
  • Robust 12V / 180 Watt electric motor
  • Operation console from the driver’s seat
  • Digital control technique (computer)
  • Electr. parts waterproof
  • Power cables of a thickness of 2.5 mm
  • Cable with a length of 6 meters between spreader and control panel
  • Cable supplied as standard for battery
  • Automatic start with stubborn grit
  • Infinite adjustment of the spreading quantity
  • Metering continuously adjustable from the control console
  • Slide plate and sprinkle stainless steel
  • Adjustable ejection blades
  • Sturdy steel frame with mounting holes
  • Special stirrer for grass seeds
  • Translucent storage tank 70, 110 or 170 liters with outlet opening
  • Cover with quick release
  • Easy to attach (size 560 * 485 * 920 mm (110 liter model) (25kg)
  • Click here for the brochure of the Lehner Super Vario

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